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Counselling Nelson - Counsellor Caroline

Couples Counselling

Are you looking for relationship counselling or marriage counselling in Nelson NZ?

Currently I’m not seeing couples.

I’m only offering individual counselling.

For couples counselling in Nelson, please contact:

My name is Caroline Wood. I am a qualified counsellor in Nelson and I’m a registered, full member of the NZAC.

In my practice I guide people in the area of love and relationships, respecting and attuning to both partners equally.

Counselling sessions are a place to talk about entrenched patterns and everyone’s own part in the break down of communication. It is also a place to explore differences in background, history, character and different ways of communicating which can lead to relationship problems when they are not understood.

Change and improvement

Together we create steps that lead to change and improvement with the aim of reconnecting with each other again at a deeper level, or to have a greater understanding of the other.

The physiology of the brain is likely to be a factor in the communication break-down during times of stress and heated arguments, and this educational aspect of counselling can be discussed if necessary.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or if you would like to make an appointment.

Caroline Wood
MNZAC, Counsellor, Registered with NZAC

Counselling Nelson - Counsellor Caroline
Counsellor Caroline
Together we can find a way through your particular issues to find resolution.
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