Grief and loss


Grief counselling Nelson NZ

In life, we attach ourselves to other people. One of the hardest things that can happen to us is the loss of a loved one – a partner, a child, parent, or a friend.

Grief is a completely natural process and everyone goes through this process differently. You may be affected by the loss for 6 months to 2 years and this is also normal.

When somebody dies or leaves that you had a special connection with, you may have a lot of strong emotions triggered – tremendous sadness, pain or anger, fear and despair.

Painful losses

But it can also be that you don’t feel anything at all, which is also natural. As well as the death of a loved one, there can be other painful losses in life such as losing a job, your marriage or home and these losses may also be followed by strong bouts of grief.

At these times there can also be physical complaints: Fatigue, trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, trouble concentrating, a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, headache, palpitations, etc.

Counselling can include normalizing and allowing the pain to be felt as you talk about the loved one or situation; exploring ways of adapting to the new life and eventually coming to acceptance or a new understanding of the loss. It can also include exploring strategies for adapting to the new life.

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Caroline Wood
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