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Counselling Nelson - Counsellor Caroline

Therapy and relationship counselling

My name is Caroline Wood. I am a qualified counsellor in the Nelson region.

I’m a registered, full member of New Zealand Association of Counsellors – NZAC. I’m also registered with ACC for sensitive claims.

It could be that you would like to have more understanding of a life experience that you find troubling. You may be lacking self-esteem and acceptance of who you are, and need more awareness of your inner strengths to enable your goals to be fulfilled.

You may want to learn new communication or coping skills to enhance your connection to others. Or sometimes you may need connection to a person who is outside your family and social network who is empathic and who is there for you and who will listen with non-judgement.

If any of these are of interest to you then I would love to work with you and explore these issues together.

Types of issues

I am experienced in working with clients on a wide range of issues, including:

ACC Counselling

I am registered with ACC to work with you in case of historic sexual abuse. If ACC funding is not possible then counselling is also available privately with me.

ACC counselling >>

Relationship issues

In my practice I guide people in the area of love and relationships, respecting and attuning to both partners equally.

Relationship counselling >>

Anger management

In counselling we explore together how you can start to deal with anger in a more constructive way, based on the premise that ‘anger is an expression of an unmet need’.

Anger management >>

Anxiety, Fear, Phobia

Do you suffer from anxiety, fear or a phobia? The associated feelings can be overwhelming at times and can take over everything you do if the feelings are not dealt with.

Anxiety, Fear, Phobia>>


Do you suffer from depressive feelings? Depression is a mood disorder that causes loss of interest or passion for life.

Depression >>

Grief and loss

In life, we attach ourselves to other people. One of the hardest things that can happen to us is the loss of a loved one – a partner, a child, parent, or a friend.

Grief & Loss >>


Too much stress, often related to work, can lead to a burnout or depression. Counselling can support you in managing and prioritizing your time so that you can feel less stress in your life.

Stress >>


Do you have trouble dealing with a traumatic experience?

Trauma & PTSD >>

Extra support in life

Could you use some extra support in your life? I am passionate about my work as a counsellor with individuals and couples, with experience of more than 550 client hours to date.

Feel free to send me a message about general counselling questions or appointments, or send me your email address and phone number so that we can communicate confidentially if you want to talk about your particular issue.

Caroline Wood
MNZAC, Counsellor, Registered with NZAC

Counselling Nelson - Counsellor Caroline
Counsellor Caroline
Together we can find a way through your particular issues to find resolution.
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